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How to Add Smart Technology Devices to a Rental Property

Hand Holding a Phone with Smart Tech Controls OpenMany tenants are looking for properties that have smart technology devices installed. You may be worried that you should invest time and money in creating a “smart home” for your tenants. The great news is that this is not the case; with a few more budget-friendly products, you can give your tenants the tech-enhanced conveniences they like. This blog post will talk about a few of the good smart devices to add to your rental property that adds value and appeal.

According to a recent survey on, 82% of renters want at least one smart device in their rental home, but nearly 49% say they don’t currently have any. These statistics imply high demand for smart tech in rental homes and a chance for Decatur property managers to make their rentals more competitive. One of the effective ways to add value to your rental property is putting smart technology devices. These gadgets can range from simple light bulbs to more complex security systems. Let’s look into some of the more budget-friendly options that work well for rental properties:

Smart Lighting.  One of the best-known devices in smart rental homes is smart light bulbs. These LED bulbs may be controlled with a phone or voice assistant and can change colors, turn on and off, and dim. They are moreover very energy-efficient, which is an advantage for you and your tenants. You can see smart light bulbs for as little as $15 each, making them one of the best places to initiate upgrading your smart rental home.

Smart Plugs. Smart plugs may be plugged into any outlet and then controlled with a phone or voice assistant. They enable you to control anything plugged into them, which means you can turn on and off lamps, coffee makers, and more. Your tenants will fancy the convenience, and you will want the price: a basic smart plug starts at approximately just $20.

Smart Speakers. Like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, smart speakers are voice-activated devices that can play music, answer questions, set alarms, and more. They are indeed becoming more and more popular in rental homes as they are an easy way to control other smart devices. The cost of a basic smart speaker starts at around $50.

Smart Thermostats. Smart thermostats are a good method to save energy and money. They can be controlled with a phone or voice assistant, and learn your schedule to adjust the temperature automatically. You can look for a basic smart thermostat for around $100.

Video Doorbells. Video doorbells are an excellent way to amplify security at your rental property. They make you see who is at the door and talk to them even when you’re not home. Others can record videos that can be useful for both tenants and property owners alike. A basic video doorbell typically runs around $200.

Smart Smoke Detectors. Smart smoke detectors are another effective way to increase security at your rental property. They can thus be linked to your phone, so you could be alerted if there is a fire, even though your tenant is not home. You can look for a basic smart smoke detector for around $100.

As shown, there are numerous budget-friendly options for putting up smart technology devices in your rental property. By installing just a couple of these devices, you can offer your tenants the convenience and peace of mind they are searching for.


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