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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Key Tips To Advertising Your Atlanta Rental Property

Most Atlanta locals consider it the capital of the south due to its strategic location and rising number of employees. Hence, it is an attractive haven for property investors. If you are a landlord in this area, it should be a priority to ensure your property constantly has occupants or quickly fills up to prevent the interruption of rental income. You might have to hire property management companies in Atlanta to market your property, or you could conduct the advertising efforts by yourself.
If you are a hands-on Atlanta landlord who prefers to do the advertising campaigns by yourself, here are useful tips to help you succeed.


1) Make sure the property is move-in ready

Before you start carrying out any advertising, take the time to ensure the property is ready for occupancy. All too often landlords come up with highly efficient advertising tips, which results in attracting quality tenants, only for the resident to lose interest after viewing the property because it is in an undesirable state. Do not take chances. Critically and objectively inspect the house as if you are the one who intends to move in. After all, that is precisely what prospecting renters will do. Therefore, if you notice anything amiss, correct or fix it immediately.

2) Determine your property’s unique selling points

When renters shop for housing, they are interested in more than just a roof over their heads. They need a place where they will feel safe, comfortable, and not inconvenienced. Bearing that in mind, highlight the features about your property that guarantees your tenants such. For instance, is it in a prime location, fully serviced, spacious, freshly renovated, near essential social amenities and so on. Mentioning the popular amenities or prominent landmarks near your property will also help to make your ad more appealing.

3) Craft your advert

Once you have determined your unique selling points, use descriptive adjectives to describe your property. However, try and keep the advert as simple as possible to ensure potential renters can relate to it. Most tenants prefer short and concise adverts, which means that if yours is lengthy and jargon-filled, high chances are the readers will avoid it. Just ensure that your advertisement message clearly communicates important aspects such as the monthly rent, security deposit, size of the property, number of rooms, location, lease period, how to contact you as well as the unique selling points.

4) Take amazing Photos

A proven way of advertising your Atlanta rental property is through photos and videos. Adverts that have great photos are likely to attract more viewers. For this reason, invest in a good-quality digital camera that will give you equally attractive images. Avoid the temptation of using your smartphone to capture images of your property. For inspiration, you can look at property photos published on leading property marketing websites or magazines.

Photos helps advertising your property

5) Contact Information

When tenants shop for property, they tend to believe and trust adverts which have accurate contact details. Provide an active email or phone number through which prospecting customers can reach you. Furthermore, make sure someone is always available to answer phone calls and respond to house shoppers. There are various ways for you to guarantee that interested clients always reach you. For instance, you could set your phone to forward calls to a different number whenever you are not reachable. Similarly, you could consider getting a separate phone line, solely dedicated to your rental property.

5) Select your media channel

There are numerous platforms which you can use for advertising and marketing your property. They include social media, bulletin boards, newsletters, newspapers, radio, television as well as websites of leading property management companies in Atlanta. Since you may have limited resources, it is best to determine which media channel you would like to use and focus on it. While some of these sources are free, others are costly but highly efficient. What you need to do, therefore, is to ascertain which solution will help you reach the kind of renters you need.

Social Media Channels for advertising your rental property

7) Utilize References

Most quality tenants actively look for reviews and ratings from previous or existing tenants to determine whether or not they should occupy the property. Hence, the most successful way of convincing these residents to move into your property is by having good references, reviews, and recommendations from existing or previous tenants. For this reason, always strive to ensure a cordial relationship between you and your tenants at all times. If you are publishing your advert online, ask your tenants to provide honest reviews and ratings. These favorable ratings will act as influential endorsements, which will make you a preferred choice among prospecting renters.

8) Capitalize on referrals

Word of mouth is an effective way of marketing your vacant house. Ask your friends, family, existing tenants and associates to help you spread the word about your empty property. If possible, offer an incentive or a reward for anyone who brings a tenant that eventually moves into the property. Assuredly, people you know will go out of their way to find quality tenants for you.


Even though it is possible for you as a landlord to carry out a successful advertising campaign for your property, it still makes sense for you to contract experienced property management companies in Atlanta. The property managers will ensure your rental investment always has high-quality ready-to-move-in tenants, even before your property becomes vacant. Besides, outsourcing the management of your asset will leave you with more time to handle other important matters.
If you’d like to talk with us about our property management services give us a call or contact us and we’d love to help you out.

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