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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

5 Ways to Keep You AND Your Pet Active

Happy Active Maltese Dog Playing in NaturePets in Lawrenceville need to stay active in order to stay healthy. There are several reasons to keep your pet active, from fewer behavioral problems to better overall physical and mental health. Nonetheless, keeping your pet active throughout the day can be very tricky. So that your boredom doesn’t get in the way of prioritizing your pet’s health, you have to decide to make it happen. No ideas coming? Keep reading for tips on how to keep your pet active.

1. Take Regular Walks

This sounds too elementary, but walking your pet every day – or more than once a day, depending on your pet’s breed and energy levels – is the best way to ensure that your pet stays healthy and active. Most dogs and many other pets enjoy time spent outside, even when the weather cools down. Does your pet get bothered by the cold? You can get them a coat or a sweater so that they can enjoy the outdoors all year round! Schedule your walks during times when your dog is most comfortable. This may mean changing your walk schedule to accommodate warmer months as well as winter’s chill.

2. Set Aside Time for Training

Training sessions, when done routinely, can be fun! Teaching your pet a new trick or command is good for their mental stimulation and can help your pet expend any pent-up energy. Typically, pets like to learn new things — so, this training will be quite engaging for them. Training encourages better behavior, even after your training session is over. What’s more, training will allow you and your pet to bond too!

3. Schedule a Playdate

Many pets are social animals that would love to meet other pets. As such, it would be nice to have a scheduled pet playdate for family or friends. Playing with other dogs will be very useful for dogs, as they learn social skills and get exercise while chasing each other and wrestling around. You could also sign your pet up for daycare, even if it’s just a few times a week. Instead of leaving your pet home alone, you can leave them at daycare where they can stay active, doing away with any unwanted behavior.

4. Make Playtime More Fun

Many dogs love to chase balls or other toys. Look for a nearby dog park and teach your dog how to fetch. If your location has no parks nearby, you can still make playtime more fun by creating games you can play in your yard or even inside the house. Hiding toys or treats for your pet to find, creating obstacle courses, and other creative games can help keep pets active in healthy play.

5. Invest in Quality Toys

Along with creative games, buying good quality toys is another great way to keep your pet active while indoors. Puzzle toys are great for dogs and other pets since they offer both mental and physical stimulation. Some dogs love to dig their snoots into a snuffle mat, hunting for kibble or tasty morsels deep inside. Maybe your pet would even enjoy a treat-dispensing toy. Toys like these can help reduce anxiety and boredom and offer a fun way to keep pets active at the same time.

Nonetheless, if going outside is out of the question, stimulate your pet’s mind and body with an interactive toy. Fill a Kong with a tasty treat (like peanut butter!) or purchase a refreshing treat-dispensing toy that promotes long-lasting interest. These toys can also help fight boredom and anxiety and are a fun way to keep pets active.

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