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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Touring Tips to Guarantee a Lease in Lawrenceville

Couple Touring a Lawrenceville Rental PropertyLeasing your Lawrenceville rental home is an important process. To attract and retain trustworthy, ideal tenants, you will have to establish and give a positive experience for each prospect from the moment you answer the very first screening calls. Doesn’t matter whether you call it good customer service or just common courtesy, the most successful rental property owners know that there are certain things you can do during the viewing process to gently nudge and guide your preferred applicant to sign a lease.

The initial thing to know about providing a remarkable property viewing experience is that your tenant isn’t simply checking out your rental home. They are also deciding whether they want to rent the home from you. A rushed or negative experience may turn off otherwise qualified applicants and make it very tough to keep your property occupied. So, managing that experience is a skill that you can and should actually develop and strive to enhance. Practice and exercise being accommodating, nice, and polite on the phone, no matter how stressed or tired you may be. Make sure that the person on the phone is someone worthy of your courtesy and respect, and that can help steer how you interact with them.

As soon as the property viewing has been scheduled, you have a great potential to enhance that first impression of you and your rental home by using a few more customer service measures. For instance, when you turn up for your viewing appointments, show up as a professional. This means that you should dress nicely, in business or business casual clothes. You should as well always see to it that you are all set and ready to answer your applicant’s questions, not just about the property but also about the neighborhood, nearby amenities, schools, public transportation, and other points of interest. If just in case your prospects don’t ask, be sure to subtly work the area’s best selling points into the conversation as you take them through the property.

In addition to professionalism, it’s a good idea to also interact with each applicant on a personal level. To cite an instance, as you recognize each prospective tenant, be sure to ask their name and use it during your tour. Not only is this considered polite, but it will help them understand that you see them as an individual, not just your next rent check. The secret to selling anything is to establish a personal connection. You can do this by means of utilizing worry-free methods, such as asking questions about them, their interests or work, or other appropriate topics. Just wisely avoid anything that may be viewed as too personal or that might make your applicant uncomfortable (religion, politics, or family status, for example).

Eventually, it’s vital to always keep in mind that while renting a house is your business, to your prospective tenant, it is about finding their next home. They can be emotionally or mentally exhausted from their search or be overly inquisitive. No matter what the case may be, greeting them with a pleasant tone and a clean, well-maintained property can help you and the rental property attract attention and really stand out from the crowd. A home is a place that should feel inviting and safe, even for renters. Everything you can do to have them visualizing themselves living, relaxing, cooking meals, and enjoying life in the home will greatly increase your chances of leasing your rental property at once.

By taking the time to grasp well and apply these and other good customer service techniques, you may find that vacancies are suddenly a thing of the past.

Whether you’ve already got a lease signed for your investment property or need someone to find a tenant for you, Real Property Management Citywide can help manage your rental. Contact us online or give us a call at 770-733-1848.

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