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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Parking Solutions for Your Stone Mountain Tenants

White Vehicle Parked on Street in Front of Apartment ComplexThere are plenty of problems that could arise between landlord and tenant but parking is at the top of the list. This is more relevant if your Stone Mountain rental property has limited space and your tenants need parking for more than one or two vehicles. Tenant frustration is sure to shoot up when there are no rules for vehicles and parking. In order to avoid this, include these parking guidelines and solutions in your lease documents for your tenant.

Parking by the Rules

Each rental property is unique so the availability of parking or lack thereof is different from rental property to rental property. Even if you think that your property is big enough and that parking is not an issue, you should still include parking clauses in your lease agreement with tenants. The majority of leases specify the number of vehicles a tenant is allowed to park in particular areas of the property. Some leases deny a tenant from parking oversized or recreational vehicles on the property, such as boats and RVs. Depending on your situation, your lease can encompass more than that. Streets may be for parking but it is not true for all neighborhoods. It is pertinent that tenants are knowledgeable of the places that are off-limits to parking such as in the yard, near dumpsters, or on an adjacent property. You are more likely to avoid disagreements if you have a sit-down with your tenants regarding parking rules and expectations.

Parking Solutions

Every so often, you’ll learn that parking rules do not address the whole problem for the tenants. More so when your rental property is located in a metropolis where parking space is a nightmare. There are other reasons where your tenants can have difficulty finding a parking space for their vehicles even when your rental is not in the city. When this happens, you need to squeeze your creative juices to find a way to boost your tenants’ parking options.

If your Stone Mountain rental property is a house and there is land around it, there are inexpensive options you might want to consider. No covered parking or garage on your property? A carport is an answer. Carports are a great investment. They are quite cheap to build and make your rental home more appealing to tenants. Your resale value could increase. When renters see covered parking, it is usually a deal maker and makes that rental happen. But before committing to a construction project, be sure that you do not break any zoning laws.

If a carport is too big for your rental property or you have a small driveway, a cheaper way to add parking space is to make an adjacent paved or gravel area that will be used for parking vehicles. This should be located adjacent to the property and nothing more. But do not neglect your valuable curb appeal. Turning a front yard into a parking lot is a turn-off to some tenants. Other areas of your property should be considered.

For rental properties with small yards, small driveways, and narrow streets, you need to be more original to come up with good parking solutions. One alternative would be to rent parking from a neighbor or a nearby parking garage. If there is a property nearby that’s not being used, you can have it leased for your tenant’s use. Also, you could ask your tenants to store their extra cars somewhere and then offer them public transit passes thereby reducing the cars on the property.

As a property owner, have you grown tired of attending to your tenant’s needs? Real Property Management Citywide is here to provide you with top-notch service for your parking issues. Contact us for more ideas about how you can make your Stone Mountain rental property more appealing to renters while still offering what they need to live in comfort.

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