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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

What To Do When You Have Bad Neighbors

Snellville Couple Dealing with a Noisy NeighborYou could take an enormous emotional toll when you move into your Snellville rental house only to find unpleasant neighbors. Bad neighbors can be very difficult to deal with, but with patience and understanding, you could find a solution. Here are solutions to your nightmare neighbor problem and thereby creating a positive environment for you both.

Be the Change

Usually, we see neighbors as the problem when our own behavior might be the cause of the problem. It would be admirable for you to check if you are the cause of the problem before you go and accuse your neighbors. Do you pay attention to your noise level? Are your pets causing problems? How high is keeping your property clean and tidy on your priority list? Are you giving importance to respecting your neighbor’s property? By answering these questions, you are approaching the problem proactively.

Get to Know Your Neighbor

It may not feel right being friendly around perceived “hostile” territory but this approach may be the right one in dealing with a bad neighbor situation. Win the trust of your neighbor by establishing a line of friendly communication. During your first meeting, introduce yourself first, smile, be friendly, and leave a positive impression. Don’t get discouraged if they don’t reciprocate your kindness, our goal is to establish a relationship. If you see an opportunity, try to bring up the problem behaviors in a polite, non-confrontational way. Despite all this, your neighbor may still not agree with you, but this will help him understand that his actions are causing problems for others.

The Golden Rule

A bad neighbor who always finds something to complain about may need a listening ear. But some neighbors still turn hostile or aggressive despite your efforts. Just keep your cool and remain friendly and accommodating because tempers never solve a problem. But seriously finding a solution for your neighbor’s complaints can turn the tables in your favor.

Document Everything

Being friendly towards your neighbor is not an excuse to sweep their bad behavior under the rug. As you work with your neighbor, it is good to document what is going on with photos, videos, or other means. A video or photo of the problem behavior will provide much better evidence if you need to inform your other neighbors, the owner’s association, landlord, attorney, or even the local authorities. If possible, also keep a record of relevant dates, times, and conversations. Keep all phone and text messages and emails, if any. It is most unlikely that you will not need these videos and photos but it pays to be ready for eventualities.

Contact the Authorities

Now if you’ve tried everything in the book but your neighbor’s behaviors are still a problem, it may be time to ask for help from the local authorities. This is very important especially if your neighbor threatens you, damages the property, or tries to harm you or someone in your household. Some behaviors can be taken on by the city’s code enforcement department, health department, owner’s association, or animal control. But when illegal activity or violence is involved, the police must be informed right away.

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