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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Differences Between Property Managers and Real Estate Agents

Snellville Property Manager Meeting with ClientsA usual misconception about Snellville property managers and real estate agents is that these occupations are more or less the same. But in reality, a property manager’s duty is not similar to that of a real estate agent. While both positions are closely linked to the housing market, there are far more differences than similarities. Learning these differences can help guide rental property owners to know who to contact when professional expertise is needed.

Key Differences

By definition, a real estate agent is a person who lists and sells properties for their owners. While a handful of real estate agents specialize in aiding buyers find and purchase investment real estate, the agent’s role is still centered on the sales transaction. The duty of a real estate agent is dependent on the current housing market. As market conditions see-saw, it is common for real estate agents to find their business (and income) going up and down. In some circumstances, real estate agents may help provide tenants a rental property, but their participation with the tenant and the property owner typically ends when the lease is signed.

On the other hand, a property manager deals with helping property owners manage their rental properties. There are many services a property manager gives, but the bulk of what they do would be working on behalf of a property owner to oversee property maintenance and repair, tenant screenings, collecting rent payments, etc. A property manager, unlike a real estate agent, is a contractual role wherein they are paid for their ongoing management services. Property management is also not likely to be greatly affected by a fall in the housing market. In fact, property managers may experience an increase in their workload during market downturns. This is because a number of property owners would rather go into renting instead of selling at a loss.

What Property Managers Do (And Real Estate Agents Don’t)

Besides the fundamental differences between a real estate agent and a property manager, there are other tasks top-rated property managers do that real estate agent and even other property managers usually don’t. While a real estate agent and the majority of property managers will advertise a rental property to get new tenants, not all of them will screen those tenants in full for potential red flags. After a tenant has been screened, a good property manager will initiate building rapport with the tenant by having open communication and explaining the lease documents in a clear manner. A good property manager will also schedule and perform regular maintenance on a property and take on emergency repairs and tenant complaints.

Helping property owners analyze the local market, setting an accurate rental rate, and giving suggestions on how to maximize a property’s earning potential and your property’s resale value are a few of the less common but valuable services that some property managers provide. They can also help you find and compare additional rental properties. And if you want, they can look for properties that are not yet on the market. These are not regular services among most property managers. Usually, only the top in the business will closely work with rental property owners to aid you not just manage property but build an investment business.

The Value of a Great Property Manager

Real Property Management is one of the nation’s top property management companies. This is due to the fact that we offer a full range of services that rental property owners and investors need to reach their financial goals and dreams. Our experts will assist you in setting an accurate rental rate and keep costs down by using our preferred home services vendors. This is why a lot of our clients note that the value of our services far exceeds the cost. And these are amazing deals that you can’t find just anywhere else.

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