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10 Reasons Why Apartments are Better than Dorms

Student Doing Schoolwork in His Stone Mountain ApartmentAre you a student in Stone Mountain searching for a place to stay? In this case, you may be thinking about whether you should rent an apartment or stay in a dorm. Both options have pros and cons; in our opinion, apartments are the ideal choice for various students. Not only will an apartment offer more amenities, but other excellent benefits accompany renting an apartment that you can’t have living in a dorm room. Here are ten reasons why you should look into renting an apartment

Apartments are mostly more spacious than dorms, so you’ll have more room to study and relax.

Dorm rooms are notoriously cramped, leaving small-sized rooms for you to accomplish easy daily tasks. While not all apartments are spacious, several are greater than a dorm room and may give both a bedroom and a living room area you can love.

Apartments generally grant more privacy than dorms.

The customary dorm room is a shared room, so you and your roommate (or several, depending on the setup) will be in very close quarters all semester. An apartment, even a shared apartment, generally offers more privacy throughout the day and more control over your schedule. You can likewise choose your roommate(s) in an apartment, but on the other hand, various dorms don’t permit it.

You can cook your own meals in an apartment, which is usually healthier and less expensive than eating at the campus dining hall.

Although college meal plans could be convenient, they aren’t the healthiest option. This is especially true if you have certain dietary needs. By renting an apartment with a kitchen, you can cook your meals to meet your needs better. In addition, it’s mostly lower in cost to cook at home than buy your meals elsewhere.

Several apartments permit students to have pets, whereas dorms, in many cases, do not.

If you like to bring your precious pet with you, that possibly won’t be allowable in a dorm room. But there are Stone Mountain property managers that will allow pets in apartments so that you can keep your furry friend close by. Just know that they may charge additional pet fees and pet rent, and some restrictions may apply (such as dog breeds and sizes), so do a little research first.

You won’t have to share a bathroom with dozens of other people in an apartment.

This is most likely one of the students’ biggest complaints as regards living in a dorm. Your apartment may have many bathrooms, or you may even have your own private bathroom. Either way, you won’t have to share with nearly as many people, which specifies less wait time and fewer messes to clean up.

Apartments are typically quieter than dorms, so you’ll be able to get a great night’s sleep.

If you’re someone who enjoys peace and quiet, a dorm room is possibly not the ideal place for you. With people coming and going at all hours of the night and with the constant noise from your neighbors, it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep. However, an apartment often gives more peace and quiet, so you can get the rest you need.

If you have a car, you can, in many cases, park it free of charge in an apartment complex.

Some dorms charge for parking, and if you can’t locate a spot on campus, you may have to park far away and walk. But certainly, in an apartment, you frequently have your own designated parking spot (or multiple spots, depending on the complex) that you can use at no cost. This is a big perk if you need a car to get around campus.

Apartment communities often have superb amenities like pools, gyms, and laundry facilities.

Although some dorms may offer a few of these amenities, they are usually not as excellent or well-tended as those in an apartment complex. And, naturally, you’ll have to pay to use them. However, in an apartment complex, these amenities are usually included in your rent so that you can use them at no additional cost.

A lot of apartments are situated close to campus, so you won’t have to waste time commuting.

This is particularly significant if you have early classes or need to get to campus for activities and events. Dorms are mostly located on or near campus, which makes them very convenient. Moreover, some college towns usually have closely located apartments, possibly just a few minutes’ walk away. Those extra few minutes may be worth it if you’d rather ditch the dorm room for better living arrangements!

Renting an apartment is frequently more cost-effective than paying for a dorm room.

This is all the more true if you’re renting an apartment with roommates. A lot of colleges charge high fees for dorm rooms, even shared rooms without a connected bathroom. Property owners near campus perceive this and typically price their rentals competitively to invite students. Apartments may as well include things like utilities and internet service in the rent, which may be higher quality than what you’ll find on campus. This makes renting an apartment a much better deal in the long run.

If you’re seeking a place to live as a student, an apartment is probably your best bet. Whether your suitable off-campus housing is in a large complex or a shared house, chances are, with a little effort, you’ll find something that will fit your ideal lifestyle.


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