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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Professional Property Managers in Stone Mountain, GA

Real Property Management Citywide: Call (770) 733-1848

Searching for the best property managers in Stone Mountain, GA? You’ve come to the right place! Real Property Management Citywide serves all of Stone Mountain and surrounding areas such a Decatur, Snellville, Lithonia, and Norcross. Whether you’re located in Georgia or are an out of state investor, our Stone Mountain property managers are here to help. Our team has the experience to ensure your rental property is properly taken care of and you receive the maximum return on your investment. Learn more about our services and then call us to schedule a free consultation!

More About RPM Citywide in Stone Mountain

Founded with the sole intention of providing professional property management services in Stone Mountain and surrounding areas to those in need of it, we offer residential property management services to property owners. Our aim is to deal with each and every aspect of property management that our clients may require, and our highly-qualified and extremely dedicated team of professionals handle even our clients’ sales, if they happen to need it.

EmblemIn due course of our work, we have built some very strong and meaningful relationships with our clients – relationships that have been built on the basis of mutual understanding, fluid communication, trust, and most importantly, honesty and transparency. Now, while we understand that these qualities alone do not make for a successful business, we do believe that they are the founding blocks of a strong business relationship, which is by default essential to keep a business successful and running.

A results oriented business, Real Property Management Citywide offers as well as delivers top-of-the-line property management in Stone Mountain, GA. We have a variety of professional management skills, and use it to manage all aspects of your investment property, from marketing and advertising, screening tenants, accounting, repairs and maintenance to professional management – we do it all!

At Real Property Management Citywide understand that while owning an investment property is one of the best ways for any individual to build-up wealth, we also understand that it requires a lot of time and effort. Given the fact that it takes time to maintain your Stone Mountain property, it is often extremely difficult to manage multiple properties, given the amount of attention each one would require. Which finally entails a limited ability on your part to grow your real estate portfolio.

Being a professional property management firm in Stone Mountain, Ga as well as its surrounding areas, our sole aim is to help you get the best returns out of your precious investment by helping you manage your property. We intend to give you the peace-of-mind that you are in much need of, so that you can use your valuable time as you so please.

With our vast range of skills and our extensive knowledge and expertise in managing property in Stone Mountain, we can easily and effectively help you reach your financial goals and assist you with gathering more input on your time. The result, of course, being you getting more time to spend doing what YOU want, whether it’s spending time with the family, or looking for new and fruitful investment opportunities. When you outsource your work to professional property managers like us, you will know that you have put your precious investment in good hands.

Leaders in our domain of work, we manage our clients’ properties as though they are our own. Carefully handling every single aspect of managing a property in the utmost professional fashion, we shoulder any and all “headaches” that may – and often do – arise in the course of managing multiple properties. With our top-of-the-line management services, you can sleep peacefully at night, knowing that your property is in good hands. With a very proper understanding of owning and managing property, and a highly professional and dedicated team, we handle all our work in the best way possible.

What we do for you

Comprehensive marketing program

Every month our staff spends thousands of dollars advertising our vacancies to get them filled. We place announcements on high traffic rental and classified websites such as,, and many more to fill vacancies, as well as place attractive “For Rent” yard signs to attract drive-by awaited tenants. A vacant property or a short vacancy time means more costs, our goal is to get the property leased.

Meticulous tenant screening

Having difficult tenants can lead to a loss of time and money in the long run. That is why Citywide RPM puts all renters through a detailed screening process in order to find high-quality residents. Each applicant is classified based on their background check, credit check,rental history, their employment and more.

Monthly rent collection

Late or missing rent can be a major setback. We have professional but tough collecting processes to ensure that every months rent is payed on time.  With Citywide RPM monthly rent can be payed for from your own online account. We’ve even made it possible to set up an automatic monthly payment system to avoid future setbacks.

Routine property inspections

Inspection allow us to check in on your properties condition. Move-in, periodic, and move-out inspections are conducted to ensure that your properties residents are adhering to the terms of their lease.

Property repairs & maintenance

Citywide RPM has a network of professional contractors, vendors and staff that help handle property maintenance and repair work. With proper upkeep of your property you can expect great returns on your investment.

Full record keeping and accounting

Our goal at Citywide RPM is to boost your investment earnings and reduce expenditures. Our all-inclusive centralized accounting system helps us keep track of your income and costs by keeping all your properties financial information all together.

Deliver monthly financial statements

Every month your property manager will provide you will detailed financial statements. We pride ourselves in keeping you up-to-date on all financial information regarding your property. Real Property Management Citywide provides each owner with an online account for any time easy access to financial reports.

Enforce terms & conditions of lease agreements

Your leasing agents goes over the lease signing with the tenant and ensures that all property contracts are completed properly. Rent, deposits and any fees are collected concurrently and recorded in your online account. The leasing agent oversees a walk-through to document conditions to be able to properly assess changes when the tenant moves out.

Tenant notices & evictions when necessary

Our team here at Citywide RPM is well-informed in state and local landlord/tenant laws. If a tenant does not pay rent on time or violates the terms of the lease our staff will take all the necessary steps to lessen your costs and put your property back on the market.

Ensure full compliance with landlord/tenant laws & regulations

At the beginning, both landlord and tenant must understand their basic rights and responsibilities. Once rent is payed and the lease is signed the legal contract activates. If either the landlord or tenant break the rental agreement, compensation may occur for the mistreated person.

Real Property Management Citywide would love the opportunity to talk to you about our property management services in Stone Mountain, GA. Give us a call today at (770) 733-1848 for a free management consultation!

About Stone Mountain, Georgia

Stone Mountain is just east of Atlanta,  located in DeKalb County, Georgia. It is located in the eastern part of Dekalb County. Here you will find a small-town atmosphere, where you can escape the hustle and bustle of Atlanta. Stone Mountain currently has a population in excess of 5,000 residents.

Stone Mountain has been in existence since the early 1800’s. The town is named from nearby Stone Mountain. It is a small town and only occupies 1.7 square miles.