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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

How Much do Real Estate Investors Make?

A Stack of One Hundred Dollar Bills With a Metal Model Home on TopA lot of people comprehend that investing in Tucker single-family rental properties can be an effective way to bring about wealth over the long term. But what do real estate investors make from year to year? It’s a great question and one that can have plenty of different answers. Let’s get a closer look at how much real estate investors make and what actions smart investors use to optimize their rental income.

Average Investor Salary

On a national level, the average real estate investor salary is somewhere between $70,000 and $124,000. It’s significant to state that this estimate is based on all types of real estate investing, including house flipping and wholesaling. So it’s not really a very helpful estimate for single-family rental property investors.

Average Rental Property Owner Salary

When you concentrate on investors who buy and hold rental properties, the average salary for rental property investors changes to a range of $27,500 to $121,000 – an even wider swing than for investors overall. Some of what skews these numbers is that plenty of rental property owners are small investors, possessing one or two rentals.

After monthly property expenses are taken into account, rental income can be relatively low, especially for investors who are just beginning. Though as the upper end of the average salary displays, many rental property investors make six-figure incomes besides the value of the property assets they hold.

Why Aren’t the Numbers More Specific?

It may be difficult to pin down how much a rental real estate investor makes because an investor’s income depends upon a range of diverse factors. From how much cash flow each property generates month-to-month to how many properties you hold and how often you obtain more.

Real estate investing is a local business, so the local market will also significantly determine yearly investor income. The average salary for a real estate investor in North Carolina is about $99,000, whereas, in New York, it’s over $136,000.

How to Increase Your Rental Income

If you are actually looking to flourish and grow your way into a healthy salary as a rental property investor, there are things that you can accomplish to achieve it. Some investors find it profitable to buy as many properties as they can each year. Others explore avenues for great real estate deals that will provide higher returns. Other investors may branch out and invest in up-and-coming markets, hoping to capitalize on growth in new markets.

It’s moreover essential to ensure that you optimize the rental income for every property you do have. You may be leaving out on additional earnings without even being aware of it. There are several suitable ways to increase your rental income on an existing property. Enhancing your property’s condition could enable you to charge more rent, and as long as it is accomplished inexpensively, it can be exceedingly effective. It’s likewise relevant to realize whether you are charging enough rent and how to use local market assessments to set your rental rate.


If all of this has you feeling somewhat overwhelmed, you may want to think of engaging Tucker property managers who are local market experts and can assist you make the most of your rental properties. To learn more, contact us online today.

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