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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Your Must-Have Winter Prep Checklist

Lawrenceville Tenant Mowing the Lawn in FallThe cooling down of the weather is an indication that winter is almost here. While there are a lot of events and tasks that accompany a change in season, one that you really have to remember is to prepare your home for winter. To make sure that your Lawrenceville rental property is in top shape month after month, you need to make sure it gets seasonal maintenance. Getting ready for a new season should be done way before it even arrives. While some winterization tasks are best left to your landlord or a professional, that doesn’t mean you can’t do your part in getting your home ready for the cold temperature.

Cooling System

Once temperatures have dropped enough that your air conditioner is no longer needed, it’s time to winterize it for the season. This protects your unit and improves the way it performs the next time you’ll need it. Prepping an AC unit for winter is easy: clean off the condensing unit with a spray of water, let dry, and then cover the unit with a breathable, waterproof cover. If yours is a window unit, make sure you seal all your vents and, if possible, cover all of them.

Heating System

With winter approaching, it’s important to fire up your furnace for a test run long before you need it. You can do this by turning it on to check if it is still working properly. Also, be sure to replace your air filters, clean and open all heating vents, and check for any obstructions. If you run into any issues with it, call your landlord immediately.


If your rental home has a fireplace, it’s likely that you have to prepare it first before using it. Like checking if the chimney has been cleaned. If the chimney is not clean, inform your landlord. This way, you can request a cleaning to be scheduled. This can be very significant especially if you think that birds, mice, squirrels, or other animals have made a nest inside. Then, remove any flammable objects from around the fireplace opening and check that the damper is working properly.


One of the most common hazards during freezing weather is a frozen water pipe. To help keep your home’s pipes from freezing, take steps before cold temperatures arrive. Check the basement, crawlspace, attic, or exterior for exposed pipes. Then, wrap any pipes with foam insulating sleeves. As needed, exterior faucets, hoses, and sprinkler systems should be drained, disconnected, and covered. Just a few steps towards ensuring the maintenance and functioning of your plumbing throughout winter.

Windows & Doors

A few things to look out for when temperatures drop low are drafts and air leaks. Don’t forget to check your home’s doors and windows for gaps, cracks, and air leaks, long before they can even become an issue. Usually, air leaks around doors and windows can be fixed with some caulk or weather stripping. If those air leaks don’t have a noticeable source, though, then let your landlord know so that they can be handled properly by a professional.

Yard & Patio

In conclusion, remember to include your yard, patio, or deck in your preparations for winter. Autumn is a splendid time to trim back trees and shrubs, clean up fallen leaves, and mow the lawn one last time. Also, don’t forget to cover and store grills, patio furniture, cushions, hammocks, and other warm-weather furnishings. Don’t let snow or cold weather damage your outdoor furnishings – maintain them well so that they last long!


It can get a bit exhausting to get your home ready for winter. But, once the cold temperatures arrive, it would have been well worth all the effort put in. But if the winters in your current rental home are becoming too much to bear, then maybe moving is something to be considered. Check out the available rental listings that Real Property Management Citywide has to offer.

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